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Matthieu Zellweger is an award winning photographer who grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland. He specializes in public health and societal reportage. He is also a fully trained scientist with more than 15 years of involvement in public health matters, and a graduate in International Political Economy. His images appeared in various magazines (New York Times, BBC World, Burn Magazine, Der Spiegel online, Le Temps, GEO, NZZ, Hebdo, l'Humanite, Jeune Afrique, Phospore, I'Illuste, Animan). Matthieu Zellweger lives in Switzerland and works in French, English, German and Italian. He is represented and distributed by Haytham Pictures/REA Photo (Paris).



Queen T rules over a small realm in the interwebs and has a mission: she wants to share Chinese tea culture with you. For this, she presents you her chinese loose leaf teas. Chinese herbal teas as well as selected teaware on her online shop You can also join her on a cup of tea in Youtube as well as Instagram (@insta.queen.t) and Facebook.  

We are thrilled to have Queen T during our Taste of Asia event in Lausanne, as she will be there to show you a few basics of chinese tea art and will also let you taste all her high quality teas! 

Contact Maya: QUEEN T


 Akiko Kitamura is Japanese, born and raised in Japan, living in Switzerland (Canton de Vaud) with her family. She loves to eat and cook and she is interested in all foods. She won at the amature cooking competition in Swiss Romand, this encouraged her to do something with cooking. That's how she started to run Japanese cooking class "theMatchaGreen" in Canton Vaud. The meals she cooks at home are what they eat today in Japan. They include traditional and contemporary cuisine. She says that we all have constraints like time, budget, and sourcing the ingredients. Even so, we should enjoy cooking and eating. After all, we need to eat everyday! Akiko would like to introduce some new idea in home cooking. Join her in her cooking classes and get new idea from her recipes on her website. She will be thrilled if you try them at home and would be delighted if it contributes to your enjoyment with friends and family.... and of course for your own pleasure! 

 Contact Akiko at: AKIKO KITAMURA



 Katarina Dagerskog is Swedish living in Switzerland. She has always been passionate about sports. Starting out as a gymnast at an early age, Katarina moved on to running, skiing and windsurfing. She was a regular at the gym for many years, until she discovered road racing in 2009 and have been biking up the Swiss mountains ever since. 

  Yoga came into her life in 2010 and at 2016 she decided to do 200-hour teacher training, so she could share her passion with others. Along with her credits, she is also a Schwinn Spinning Instructor Bronze level (2008), a Personal Trainer (2015), and has a certificate in Human Nutrition from Lausanne University (2011).  She has been giving classes (e.g. boot camp, spinning, strength, yoga Personal training) since 2008.

 Contact Katarina at: KATARINA DAGERSKOG


Desi Larson was born in the Philippines, Swedish by marriage and Swiss living in Geneva for 31 years. After finishing Nursing, she decided to become a flight attendant for Gulf Air and 5 years later she met her Swedish ex husband in Oman. 

With 4 children, she lived between Switzerland, Sweden and USA. She partnered with her ex husband to form a successful financial company in Geneva for 20 years until they sold it. 

She became a Zumba instructor in April 2010 due to her passion for dance and fitness and started her career for three years in Sweden and move back to Geneva in 2013. 

She has been working for different health and fitness clubs until today as a zumba instructor apart from taking care of her 2 1/2 years old grandson.

Contact Desi at: DESI LARSON


Rae De Asis-Habersaat was born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is 28 years old. In May 2007, she went to Philippines to finish two major years in a university. Dancing is her passion. At seven years old, she started joining different dance clubs and from then on, she never stopped dancing, actually became even more passionate in doing, learning, and trying different dance styles. She led four cheer leading squads and won two championship competitions.

In 2006, she became a Body Jam & Body Combat Instructor by Les Milles and worked in a private health club under Sheraton Hotel in Riyadh K.S.A. In July 2016, she received her official Zumba Instructor certificate in Lyon, France and started working with Ecole Club Migros Suisse and a part time instructor in Harmony Fitness Club. From time to time she also, does Zumba Masterclasses and Hiphop workshops in Geneva for all levels.



Chompel Gelek is a Tibetan healing Yoga teacher. Also specializing in Tibetan massage therapy, ayurveda, Tibetan Giomanyc, dream and Psychology for more than 12 years. Chompel is the one responsible for Tibet herbal Spa.

He will teach us 9 ancient breathing purification techniques which relaxes the mind and relieves anziety instantly. 

Contact Chompel at: TIBET SPA